Links I Love 8.22.13

Necole Bitchie Interviews Big Sean

I can’t lie, Big Sean is one of my fave rappers of my generation. His interviews with Necole Bitchie are some of the reasons why. This is the first interview she has done with him on film. Way back in her archives she has another interview with him that is transcribed. If anybody wants me to find it and post the link I can do so.

Tammy & Grant Hill Make Music Together

Just adorable

Kim Kardashian Checks Katie Couric 

This made me lol. I can just imagine Katie’s shock when she found out that Kim was not happy about the baby gift. I can see both sides of the story. Katie was asked a question about Kim and she answered it but I can completely understand why Kim would not have liked that.

Two feel good stories because I can never get enough of hearing about people doing good.

Everyday Hero

Inspiration to Stay Dedicated

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