Mo’ Millennial, Mo’ Problems

It’s been a rough two days but I’m hanging in there. Yesterday was another one for the “trapped in the life that doesn’t quite fit” files. It was supposed go be Friday and feel celebratory as such…not so much.
I really wish someone would have warned me about post-college life. Maybe people did and I just can’t recall or didn’t listen.
I think I should have spent more time in high school and college figuring myself out instead of just going with the flow and getting good grades.

As important as getting good grades are, it won’t save you. I’m learning that now. You might want to have a little more focus upon graduating then I did. Saying I want to follow this career and live this lifestyle is not enough. You might need to know how you’re going do it, that its going to be harder to do than going to school was, and a different way to do it in case the first plan doesn’t work.

I think it’s hard to know that I’m going in the right direction with little progress. I wonder should I be doing something different or should I turn around n do something else.

I try to remember that I’m young and that this time period is just another form of education but less than ideal living circumstances, ratchet commuting situations, and no promise that you will be able to bring in any more money than you are currently bringing in is kinda distracting from the whole “I’m young and on my grind paying my dues.” I occasionally feel like wtf is this supposed to teach me?
Faith I guess, faith in myself, faith in God.
Gratitude I guess. I can’t help but think ambitious people struggle with gratitude. It’s a tough balance between wanting more and being grateful for what you have.

Welp, I’m doing my best to use my faith to propel my ambition and gratitude to keep me grounded (corny, I know).

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