October Links

So I have not done one of these in a while so why not share the love. Here are some of my favorite links this month. It’s always so hard to choose these because I skim then read read so many blogs.


Great advice. I feel like no matter how many times someone says multiple streams of income. We never listen until we have to.


I am really glad purseblog covered this. Reading the 100s of comments of people who were discriminated against while shopping (of all races, ages, genders, and classes) was both sad and comforting. It’s unfortunate that almost everyone who has bought a luxury item has at least one experience of being treated unfairly.  Many people think of Fashion as something silly and unimportant but it is big global business. Many of these experiences do not compare to being arrested but I believe these microagressions make way for the macros. Also one commenter stated that when she is followed around the store, she makes the SAs (Sales Associates) carry her bag,s since they are following her anyway. Genius!


I swear the way interns are treated should be illegal…Oh wait…


Gimme these boots!

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