Too Much Positivity?

Happy Monday! I’m always interested in keeping my life as positive as possible. I’m a “self actualization, speaking things into existence” kinda gal. I created this blog partly because I want to add to the positive spaces in the world. Scrolling through Instagram (if you don’t know I’m an Instagram feen) and watching YouTube videos (I watch more YouTube videos than I watch television), I noticed my feed and how some posts were super inspirational and some were full of shade (so many strong opinions about a doobie wrap *shrugs*). During one of the YouTube videos, this woman discussed how she doesn’t like to listen to music that degrades women. Surprisingly enough that’s not something you commonly hear from a woman in her 20s. Those two things in tandem made me think about how often I hear about surrounding yourself with positivity and how often I hear people claim they are doing this. But what does this really look like?

What if I stopped listening to violent, sexist, and/or broken-hearted music? Stopped reading gossip blog comment sections? I find the blog posts aren’t actually that bad but the comment sections are borderline vicious. Stopped watching ratchet reality tv? Unfollowed or hid everyone who posted things I deemed to be negative on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Does this really make a life altering difference or is this just going to free up a bunch of extra time and maybe force me to use my time more productively? I think the latter which I guess is not such a bad thing.

I also have a theory that a little negativity makes you relatable. Maybe that is a copout but bear with me. A lot of modern-day pop culture involves some form of negativity. Did you hear about the (insert big news tragedy of the week)? Did you see (insert violent, catty, or scary tv show) last night? Heard (insert top 100 artist)’s new song? Nope, nope, and nope. Feeling out the loop yet? I would of course like to cut some more negativity out my life even if its small but where does it end? Also at what point does this simply become hiding?

I always see people saying they are trying to have a positive life but I’m interested to find out what that means to different people. I’m always thinking about ways of adding more positivity in my life but I also don’t believe in making my life any more difficult than it is. I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on this since I know they will vary.


4 responses to “Too Much Positivity?

  1. A positive life is being able to gain more control over my own life. Well, that’s where I think the positivity starts for me.

  2. MAC

    Your post is interesting because I think of positivity as more of a self-centered idea. I think of it in relation to my thoughts and feelings. Positivity is when i view myself favorably etc. None of the trashy VH1 shows have a negative affect on me personally because it’s not my life. (Except Black Ink, that show has got to go lol.) But interestingly enough I do gravitate towards the “positive” shows. I watched Tia & Tamera, Braxton’s Family Values, Iyanla’s Fix My Life etc like my life depended on it lol. Whereas I watch the trashy ones just to laugh about it with my friends. I wonder how much more positivity I would feel around me if I cut out Love & Hip Hop.

    • Niqua Nichole

      Lol @ Black Ink.
      I also watch a lot of “positive” reality tv shows. I’m usually very annoyed when people paint reality tv as one-dimensional because I don’t think it is at all. So I don’t think cutting out Love & Hip Hop would really make too much of difference for you and I but if everything I watched was equally ratchet, I think it might make a noticeable difference.

Thanks for your comment :)



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